World Cup success depends on pitches, outfields

The pitches and outfields, on which next year’s International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup will be contested, will come under increasing scrutiny in the months ahead.

The ICC CEO Malcolm Speed & the ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc. Managing Director & CEO, Chris Dehring, signalled that, while 12 stadiums have been receiving much public attention, playing conditions would be of utmost importance to the event’s success.

“From now on, we need to focus on playing conditions, pitches, and outfields to make sure that they are of very high standard because ultimately this event will be judged on the basis of cricket that is played here in the World Cup,” Speed said in Kingston after meeting officials from the ICC CWC 2007 headquarters.

Dehring agreed it is vital that grounds on which the matches will be played are of world-class standard. “We are very much focusing on playing conditions; making sure our pitches are the finest collection of pitches and outfields that would have been prepared for any Cricket World Cup and we are very much on track to deliver that,” he said.

“An entire day’s play was thought to have been ruined when it poured on morning of an ODI. Instead, we had almost an entire day’s play. That’s all been a result of type of standards which we have required each country to implement,” he expressed.

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