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Wise Pakistani Fans

Written by Commoner on February 22nd, 2007   (489 views)

The passion for cricket has always remained active in Pakistan. People always have felt a strong affinity and attachment towards players and the game. But the landmark victory in the 1992 world cup fomented the cricket passion in Pakistan to the highest degree. That unexpected yet dream win triggered a whole new wave of excitement and love for game in the populace of Pakistan. Virtually everyone started discussing affairs of the game and players were elevated to a unique place of high esteem. Every win became a festival and every defeat a national disaster.

In the post-92 world cup era, players like Imran Khan, Miandad, Wasim Akram, Salim Malik, Moin Khan and others basked in glory. After the retirement of Imran and Miandad, Wasim, Inzamam, Salim, Ijaz and others became and remained national heroes for quite a while.

But then the dream turned into a traumatic nightmare, when Pakistani fans were revealed to the curse of match fixing. Many huge names were involved in that. People were unable to understand, why on earth, after earning so much money and respect and love, anyone would sell his homeleand’s dignity to spineless match-fixing mafia. It was a great blow to the whole country. The heroes were turned into ruffians. All the respect and love of nation for them went down the drain.

But as optimistic and ambitious we are, the hopes of nation remained unshattered. Every match brings a plethora of new hopes and new promises. This world cup of 2007 is also inciting thrill and excitement through out the country and people are eagerly waiting for the kick-off. But this time, sadly yet wisely, they haven’t tied up their destines with the national team.

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