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Weeping India in Australia

Written by Commoner on January 9th, 2008   (445 views)

In a funny and full of lies statement, the BCCI said,” The game of cricket is paramount but so too is the honor of India’s cricket team and every Indian. The BCCI is committed to protecting the country’s fair name. India’s national commitment is against racism. Our national struggle is based on values which negate racism”

The TV cameras showed that Harbhajan Singh called “Monkey” to Andrew Symonds of Australia, and also hurled some other obscenities at him. Ground umpires are vetting it, match referee has also declared it, and the Aussie players are also supporting Symonds, but the guest team is as adamant as ever.

When Indians can deny at the face of world media that “Nothing happened in Gujarat”, and “Nothing is happening in Kashmir”, and “Nothing is happening in Nagaland”, then how could we be so naïve to believe that they would say that “Something happened in Australia’?

The Indian board president, Sharad Pawar is getting very edgy, and have said to an Indian channel that they would go to every extent to save their players and the dignity of the players is more important than the game, and if Aussies don’t respect them, they won’t play with them.

Glenn McGrath was dead right when he reasonably summed-up the whole situation.”
Umpires have a tough thing to do. There’s only eight on the panel, there should be more. At the end of the day they call it the way they see it, which is the way it’s always been. Some days you are going to get bad decisions, some days you’ll get good ones. You can’t pick and choose when you want to complain about it.”

Glenn also urged Indian team to focus more on the game instead of other petty things.

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    3 Responses to “Weeping India in Australia

    • 1
      January 10th, 2008 20:51 GMT

      I feel that the attitude of australian players is not correct. they think they are above the game, which should not be in any case. Also they are very arrogant and disrespectful as was seen in various incidents which occured with this australian team. They shout, torment, bully players of other teams constantly and when someone tries to get back at them they cry out like babies. thats wht all the matter is!!

    • 2
      January 11th, 2008 00:13 GMT

      Yes i agree with Divyesh
      And to correct you no there is no such recording which shows that harbhajan said monkey to symonds.
      Even the umpires said that they didnt heared anything, you are saying australian team is behind him, but i m afraid to sat australians has forgot to play gentelmen cricket. And Harbhajan has Support of SACHIN TENDULKAR, and BCCI.
      Also Aurtralians say so much ill of opposition team during and before match and they call it a mental game. actually the truth is that australians have made an undefined rule that they can say anything about opposition but if someone says anything to them they would complain about it.

    • 3
      January 15th, 2008 16:12 GMT

      @Fahd Mirza ..ur statements shows u have some personal problem with india……. waise ur showing what the pakistanis r… ur pointiung us..pakistanis always say they dont have terrorist in theor country…..now all world know what is the truth.. it was pakistan who helped terrorist in kandhar case….the released terrorist were moving free in pak…..man just watch in urself it will be better…..what is happening in your country every one can see…… better luck to u and ur country…………

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