Vital vote from WICB tilted balance in favour of Asia

A vital vote from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and assurances of lucrative financial returns for the participating nations combined to bring the 2011 World Cup to Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The information gathered by ‘The News’ has confirmed that it was a vital seventh vote from the West Indies that tilted the balance in favour of the South Asian bid as Australia, New Zealand and England had got together to fight for the hosting rights of the 2011 World Cup.

“At the crucial meeting in Dubai, South Africa and Zimbabwe supported the Asian bid but Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh still required one more vote to seal the bid and get the required seven votes. The West Indies went with them in the final voting process,” a Pakistan cricket source disclosed on Monday.

According to him, Pakistan and India knew beforehand they would get the votes of South Africa and Zimbabwe but had gone to Dubai specially prepared with a development plan for the WICB which is suffering from financial problems and lack of cricket development in their islands. The West Indies is hosting the 2007 World Cup.

“It was a case of Pakistan and India telling the West Indies ‘you support us and we will help you revive cricket in the West Indies’,” the source said. He said later associate members like Malaysia, the UAE and Israel had also then voted in favour of the four Asian countries to host the World Cup which made up the final 10 to three vote count.

“The two African nations have traditionally closer ties with Asia than with either Australia, New Zealand and England and that mattered a lot in the end. The Afro-Asia Cup series held last year also helped in the two African nations going the Asian way,” the source stated.

Even money wise, the source said the Asian bid was much stronger than the one submitted by Australia and New Zealand. “The Indian and Pakistani representatives told the other member nations at the meeting that if Asia hosted the tournament they were guaranteed a minimum appearance fee of around 14 million dollars each and also another 400,000 dollars per match,” the source said.

In the new format, the ICC holds the TV and marketing rights of the World Cup and keeps all the earnings but pays match appearance fees, tournament appearance fees to all the member nations and it also gives a special fee to the host nations who could end up making around 20 to 25 million dollars each or more.

For the 2007 World Cup the participating nations are guaranteed around nine to 10 million dollars each. The source said the Asian representatives had told the ICC that if the World Cup was held in Asia in 2011 they could hope to sell their bundle rights sponsorship for all their events between 2007 and 2015 including the World Cup for a bigger amount than they got for their existing contract given the big market for cricket in India and even other Asian countries.

“Basically, the Asian representatives have said they would finalise all the figures in money terms by the time the annual meeting of the ICC is held in July.” A PCB official said a decision on who would host the final and semifinals would also be taken by July. Pakistan has also won the right to host the 2008 Champions Trophy, which would be part of the bundle sponsorship rights of the ICC.

Source:The News

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