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Written by F Mirza on September 9th, 2007   (460 views)

Twenty20 format of the cricket, which is the shortest format, has even surpassed one day international in its fame and fan love. Twenty20 has become the most desirable format in very short time.

Fans have become crazy about this bash. Players have embraced it with thrill and joy. Sponsors and promoters are sensing a new lucrative vista for investment and media tycoons are spending millions of dollars to obtain the rights. Everyone is in the hope to cash in on the popularity of the sport’s latest entertainment frenzy.

Like One Day Internationals sucked the test cricket dry, Twenty20 is being touted as the replacement of ODIs. After Kerry Packer of 70’s, ODIs have ruled the cricketing world for a long time. Now ODIs have achieved an air of boredom and repetition and sluggishness. Twenty20 is imbuing a new spirit and a fresh perspective to the game.

However, though billions of fans still have sheer interest in the ODIs and huge crowds still come to watch the ODIs, there is still many ifs and buts about the future and viability of twenty20 cricket. The basic objective of twenty20 format is to throw more meaning to the game and spread its recognition to the whole world like soccer. Twenty20 will be the game of power and brain.

But now another problem has raised. The problem is of synchronization of the game. There already was a great disparity between test matches and ODIs and twenty20 has added yet another dimension. The problem is that there is no planning and foresight involved behind twenty20 and it is evolving haphazardly like ODI evolved. That is why the workability and the wholesome nature of twenty20 is yet to be seen, and its future is dangling.

Like after Kerry Packer, which revolutionized the cricket, there was no formulation of any plan for all layers of the game. There still is no method in practice from club level to national level, and from national level to international level. Therefore, the sustainability and professionalism of the player’s cricketing life is being devastated. Tests, ODIs and Twenty20 only keep attractions, if the star players are playing, and if they are not, nobody comes to watch. So stars take the brunt and toll, and twenty20 would only add to their already hectic life. So we need more stars.

The first twenty20 world cup is on the horizon. It’s also a golden opportunity for ICC to also devise a systematic plan which would not only ensure the entertainment for the fans, but also a lasting relief for the star players.

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