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South Africa to resume ties with Zimbabwe


szamambabweThe South African board has decided to resume bilateral ties with Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) in light of the change in the nature of the government in Zimbabwe. The decision was taken at a Cricket South Africa (CSA) board meeting on Friday that was also attended by ZC president Peter Chingoka, CEO Ozias Bvute and ZC board member Wilson Manase.

The move overturned a decision taken by CSA last year to suspend the bilateral agreement with ZC because of the general deteriorating social environment in that country.

Since then, Zimbabwe has had a government of national unity and the ICC has sent a task team to the country to assess the situation. The draft report has been presented to the ICC’s executive board and it has asked the members to assist the development of cricket in Zimbabwe.

CSA president Mtutuzeli Nyoka sent a memorandum to all affiliates and associates as well as the CEOs of the franchises and there has also been a request from the ZC to restore the previous relationship.

The board decided that a co-ordinating committee be set up to do a joint needs analysis with Zimbabwe that can be implemented over the next three to five years to enable ZC to achieve its goal of returning to Test cricket. The analysis will cover all areas of Zimbabwe cricket from primary school upwards.

The co-ordinating committee will comprise Gerald Majola (CSA CEO, chairman), Colin Beggs (chairman of CSA audit committee), Ray Mali (vice-president, CSA, representing the board of CSA), Tony Irish (CEO, SA Cricketers’ Association) and Jacques Faul (representing the franchise CEOs).
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