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So It’s Lawson, Huh?

Written by F Mirza on July 9th, 2007   (474 views)

After the mysterious and hushed death of Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer, the appointment of the new coach for the national team has become a very complex riddle.

From the initial speculation of the Pakistani former player as a national coach to the appointment foreign coach, every thing has been thought over and applied, perhaps wisely. The new criterion chosen by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) through which the selection of the coach is being done has become very muddied. The longer they are taking to appoint the coach, the more its becoming suspicious and shadowed.

Pakistan Coach Poll

Though, in the background of the historical experience of national coaches for the team, and the attitude of players with them, it was wisely considered that a foreign coach would do better than the home-bred coach, but the process has been stretched far too long now. PCB is only giving newer deadlines for the placement of new man in the seat of coach, and nothing is coming out clear and loud.

Now the tie has been done between Dave Whatmore and Lawson. According to the reliable sources, most of the team players are in the favour of Lawson. Also the public opinion is also swaying against Whatmore, if not in the favour of Lawson. Dave Whatmore may be a fantastic professional, but his track record is not been very brilliant in recent years.

His tenure with Sri Lanka was good, but it was more to do with the talent and passion of Sri Lankans than his coaching. With Bengali team, well, it was a disaster and colorless job, and a thankless one too. Perhaps, one could argue it was also due to the no-talent and no-passion of Bengali team. Then Whatmore ignored Pakistani offer at first, and went to Indians to coach them, but Indians didnt give him much of the lift. Then Whatmore came forward to get what was left; Pakistani coaching.

Even Dr. Naseem Ashraf, chairman of PCB has said that senior players are in the favour of Jeff Lawson as a coach. He also said that the new coach would be announced on 15th of July. He also assured that the new coach would be a foreigner for sure, and there is no conflict among the team players regarding this critical issue. He also said that players think that Jeff Lawson not only is a very talented and professional coach but also a very thorough gentleman. It woud be better, if PCB take a step and appoints Lawson as a coach, and free Whatmore from Asia forever. What more could he ask?

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