Shoaib in Serious Trouble

Written by Fahd Mirza on September 12th, 2007   (294 views)

So-called Pakistani speedstar Shoaib Akhtar is finding himself in boiling hot waters these days. Upon the recent incident of him beating Mohammad Asif with bat, he has attracted lash and bash from everywhere. Even the patern-in-chief of Pakistan Cricket Board President Pervez Musharraf has directed Dr. Nasim Ashraf chairman PCB to take stern action against Shoaib Akhtar.

Everybody including board officials, team players, old media, new media, rival teams, independent observers, government officials and fans inside and outside the country agree on the point that Shoaib Akhtar has let the nation down with this irresponsible behaviour. Many are of the opinion that Shoaib always does such acts before a major tournament to avoid playing. They say that he only wants cheap publicity and easy money.

Pakistans buffs are especially very angry with him. They say that this time board shouldnt show any sign of weakness and should deal with “Rawalpindi Depress” with iron hands once and forever. They say that Shoaib has always put the team in difficult and embarrassing situations and he was the main reason behind the defamation of the good name of the country on myriad number of occassions, especially at foreign tours.

Former chairman of PCB General (rtd) blasted Shoaib Akhter in very harsh words. He said that Shoaib is a psycho and he only did it to generate an excuse for playing the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL). He said that shoaib is playing in the hands of Inzamam, who is now hell bent on destroying Pakistani team. He said Shoaib Akhtar has not only defamed Pakistan but also tried to deprive the nation from a talented bowler like Mohammad Asif, and that is unforgiveable.

In another development against Shoaib Akhtar, a tradesman who was visiting Kenyan capital Nairobi, when the team was there, said that he found Shoaib Akhtar misbehaving with the ladies and shoaib was also drunk and not in his senses. He also said that Shoaib was behaving like a rogue and uncontrollable animal, and people were laughing at him from a distance. He said that hotel management controlled the express bowler with great difficulty.

Whereas Shoaib Akhtar is as adamant as ever. He says that he hasnt done anything wrong, and the basic reason of the fight was Shahid Afridi, who was the rootcause of all the evil. He said he hit Asif accidently, and he was on fire due to some family-related remarks from Shahid Afridi.

Now the truth is that all three of them are not angel, and their characters are not that commendable. Their track record is also not so brilliant, and anything is possible. One thing is for sure that nobody likes Shoaib in the dressing room, and Shoaib also doesnt like anyone in the dressing room. Due to dressing room culture introduced by Inzi’s dumbness and stubborness, we have to bear with things like these.

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