Shahid Afridi Against Shoaib Malik

Written by on November 30th, 2007   (2,743 views)  

After enticing Shoaib Akhtar into a brawl, creating lots of rifts in the team, now Shahid Khan Afridi, the legacy of Inzamam-ul-haq, is hell bent on fissuring the team more.

Already the Pakistani cricket outfit is in slump in India. After losing the One Day International series, and a lame defeat in the first test match at New Delhi, the morale of the team is bottom low. Shoaib Malik has clearly blamed the batsmen for the failure, and interestingly enough he has also admitted that his captaincy wasn’t also up to the par. He is also injured and there are more chances that he wont be available for the second test of Kolkata.

After getting real spanking from the Pakistani media, he also received severe criticism from the former Pakistani test players, and his meek and weak leadership was the prime target of everyone. Though there is no doubt that he is unable to show any extraordinary performance, but its also a fact that he cannot do anything with this compendium of garbage, in which there is no opening pair, no reliable and consistent middle order, no wicket keeper, no all rounder and no strike bowler.

But Shahid Afridi is the member of the team, and he shouldn’t give statement s to Indian media that Shoaib Malik has failed as a captain and the captaincy is even taking toll of his batting and fielding. Its an open secret that after the ignominious exit of ICL player Inzamam-ul-Haq, who is know by the name of Potato in the Indian circle, Shahid Afridi himself put forward his name for the captain of Pakistan and was dusted off in disdain by the Pakistan Cricket Board. It seems that Shahid Afridi hasn’t forgotten that yet.

With an intelligent frown, he told Indian media that Shoaib Malik lacks the leadership quality and he cannot take bold and audacious decision at the moments in the game. He also told them that Shoaib lacks the ability of manipulating his players at the crunch moments, and he should be seeking guidance from the senior players. Shahid Afridi also said that PCB shouldn’t be so near-sighted to burden a young player so soon, and they should have first groomed the captain, and then they should have appointed him. What he is pointing is anybody’s guess.

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3 Responses to “Shahid Afridi Against Shoaib Malik

  • 1
    Mohammed Asadullah
    November 30th, 2007 15:27

    yes u are absolutely right its a fact how can shoiab show his captaincy skills without good openers without strike bowlers and without good middle order batsman .
    it sems that only shoaib malik and misbah-ulhuq plays and rest of the teamis only for fielding and to complete the number of 11 players .

  • 2
    December 1st, 2007 21:24

    Yes u r right, in pakistan team there is lot of politics and u can see the change in the players from 1st test to 2nd test where younis khan is leading he team, u never see a situation where Misbah-ul-huq or other players comes near to the captian and suggest something where no one canwe see near to shoaib

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    Imran Zaidi
    October 18th, 2008 17:31

    im sorry to say but this was a very weak article. firstly i would like to question mohammed asadullah…. when exactly did shoaib malik perform? mayb in 20/20 but i dun remember a decent knock in the test match after becoming captain. secondly malik is a weak captain, simply because his own team does not back him. How about finding a captain like inzi or imran khan, they ran their team no one dared say anything no one interfered with their team. In fact i believe if malik wants opinions he should call on his senior players to give him opinions. I hope Malik can improve his scores at test level if he wants to stay captain.

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