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Shabbir Ahmad in ICL

Written by Commoner on November 6th, 2007   (319 views)

Lets enjoy a little with a news that at least gave me unlimited amusement. Kapil Dev, the nanny of Indian Cricket League (ICL) has proudly “revealed” to media that they have at last succeeded to get the “yes” from Pakistan’s premier bowler Shabbir Ahmad. Wow.

Shabbir was himself speechless over this shameless and blatant statement. He first inquired from one of his acquaintance in Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that whether any other Shabbir Ahmad is playing for Pakistan, and upon confirmation from ICL that he was the diamond guy, they are looking for, he just came out of his egg and thunderously “shocked” media that he is now going to play ICL.

He also expressed his sorry for the Pakistani team, that they would be deprived of his immense talents and unrevealed features, which he will only show in Indian. He further added that his bowling action was continuously criticized by the national and international umpires, but PCB did nothing to support him. He said that all PCB did was spending millions of dollars in sending him to Australia, and then millions of dollars in coaching him, and then millions of dollars in keeping his butt intact. He said that PCB should have shown some common sense and should have thrown him out of the stadium right after his first international over. But nobody listened to Shabbir Ahmad, so he has decided to join ICL, because ICL is not foolish enough to spend millions of dollars on an idiot.

Kapil Dev has said that India is more player-friendly than the Pakistan, as they are saving Pakistani players from rusting, and they are trying to fully use the potential of these players. Very true. And I am so heartened to learn that ICL is basically a player orphanage and also an old player home. That’s great. I would also become a fan of Kapil Dev (though even a thought of it is so disgusting), if he also cajoles Younus Khan and Kamran Akmal to join ICL.

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