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Ramiz Raja vs Javed Miandad

Written by F Mirza on December 8th, 2007   (742 views)

Miandad is a treasure trove of the dirty hidden stories, and he likes to revel in digging up the forgotten mud and slinging it with relish all around him, and the affected people naturally don’t enjoy it much.

In a recent revelation, he has told media that just before the semi-final of 92 world cup a revolt occurred in the team against the captain Imran Khan, and the main characters of that revolt were Wasim Akram and guess who? Ramiz Raja. Wow. That makes it sweet, cool and disgusting.

Mian Jee added that Ramiz Raja and Wasim Akram managed to convince some other players and they all refused to play in the leadership of Imran Khan, but then Imran requested Miandad to quell the insurrection and Miandad obliged to somehow managed to calm down the rogue players. Then Imran Khan very nail bitingly, of course with the aid of Javed Miandad, managed to keep the team intact and also won the world cup.

Miandad also told media that that was the reason that Imran Khan retired from the international cricket after winning the world cup in 1992 and just before the tour of England because he knew that team won’t play under his leadership anymore. Miandad has remained a coach of Pakistan for three times, and has also led the team once. He was also a major factor in some of the famous successes of Pakistan, especially against the arch rival India.

Ramiz Raja, well, he wasn’t one of the most amused person in the world over the statements of Miandad. He has said that in a very fiery reaction that he has always respected Imran Khan and have never even thought of betraying him, and the allegations of Javed are stupid and foolish. He also accused Miandad that he, by and large, after some duration try to get the media attention by spitting venom against the senior players, and basically Miandad once again want to coach the team, and that is why he is trying to entice the attention of PCB by the negative measures.

Whatever the case, we have got a new short delicious battle in our hands for a few days for sure.

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