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Ralwalpindi Express is a Psycho, says Team Manager

Written by F Mirza on October 4th, 2007   (329 views)

What everybody already knew for quite a long time now has just been found by the disciplinary committee of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Manager of the national team Talat Ali submitted his report to the committee in which he elaborated all the happenings in South Africa regarding the clash between Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif, in which Shoaib Akhtar managed to beat Asif with bat, while Asif was smiling at him.

The committee agreed to Talat’s observations regarding Shoaib Akhtar and also with his recommendation that instead of banning the pacer, PCB should help me out with his inner problems, and in this regard, PCB should hire a renowned psychiatrist to deal with Shoaib’s psyche problems in a proper way. Committee is also thinking over not slapping a longer ban or heavy fine on pacer, as it is known that he is not really ok mentally, and badly needs help. Committee is thinking about a nominal ban of five matches with a petty fine of some hundred thousands rupees.

Manager Talat Ali, who has always been known as anti-pacer in the arena of cricket team has been thrashing Shoaib for some months now. It is not to say that Shoaib is innocent, but the thing is that Talat Ali should have risen to the petty personality clashes and his own ordinary preferences. He shouldn’t have sent Shoaib back from South Africa just before Twenty20 world cup, and now nation will always remain in confusion as whether Pakistan would be able to win the Twenty20, had Shoaib Akhtar been there.

Now Shoaib Akhtar has been ordered to face the disciplinary committee on 6th of October, and surprisingly after a stern warning from PCB, he hasn’t spoken to media. Though it is sure that it would be really hard for him to control himself. In another pleasant puff for him, Waqar Younis, the legendary fast bowler of Pakistan, has also said that manager of the team shouldn’t be that strict, and he shouldn’t be going to extremes.

Waqar Younis, has said that Pakistan right now badly needs some real pacer, and banning Shoaib Akhtar at this stage would be very detrimental for the team. He urged chairman, PCB to come forward and deal the matter in the best interest of the team and make some un-emotional decision. Waqar Younis also thinks that the attitude of Shoaib is nacceptable and even un-supportable, but its also the blunder on the part of PCB, who blew him out of the proportions at the first place, and now its becoming hard for them to control this monster psychic problem.

Waqar has shown a big heart yet again and said that though PCB has treated him very badly, but he is ready to help them out to rectify the problems faced by the only real pacer available to Pakistan right now. The thing is that if PCB can forgive Shoaib for doping scandal then why not for this ‘Mar Kutai’?

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