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Racist Gavaskar

Written by F Mirza on January 17th, 2008   (520 views)

It’s been a long standing habit of Indians to sling mud over the good names of Cricket and then track back. In his one of many loose moments, Sunil Gavaskar, the former Indian batsman first accused Mr. Mike Procter of racism, and then he hastily refuted implying it when the steam started boiling under him.

Gavaskar not only tried to undermine the Mike Procter, but also tried to implicate the ICC in racism. He said,” the ICC will do well to keep in mind that there were two umpires out there who had a bad game and not penalize only one or it could be up against a racist charge too.”

Gavaskar is making a hole in the plate in which he eats. He heads that committee of International Cricket Council (ICC) which makes the rules of the game, and just out of sheer narrow mindedness, he is even not sparing his employers. He further added that,” Throughout, as the controversy unfolded, it was only Bucknor that the Aussie media was pillorying and not (Mark) Benson. You form your opinion whether it was racist or not.”

Former New Zealand captain John Reid was on Tuesday quoted in Australian media as saying Gavaskar had no business heading the ICC’s rule-making committee after criticizing a match referee. South African great Barry Richards also accused Gavaskar of playing the racism card.

Legendary players of world cricket are really fuming over these accusations of Sunil, and they are demanding from ICC to implement strict discipline among its employees. Indians are trying to exploit their financial clout in ICC.

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    3 Responses to “Racist Gavaskar

    • 1
      January 17th, 2008 19:14 GMT

      @Fahd Mirza ..yaar ab bata bhi do ki india se tumhari kaun si persoanal problem hai……. i have seen ur all post …in not a single u have questioned about wrong decesions on what even Wasim Akram have raised….i think u have more knowledge of cricket than Akram… right ?? god bless u and give some fair mind….

    • 2
      January 17th, 2008 19:19 GMT

      @Fahd Mirza ..u r taking site of Mike Procter who banned Rashid Latif for 5 matched for appealing on a grounded catch. Ricky Ponting did it twice in this match. So why not the same penalty to Ponting….
      Procter didn’t even call Ponting once even after Ponting showed his bat to umpire after getting dismissed. ….
      why PRocter didn’t call Ponting, is it RACISM or what..
      this has been happening for years togethor. Procter slapping 5 indians fines in SA just for appealing…… think with some mind if u have….than point towards indian….

    • 3
      Fahd Mirza
      January 18th, 2008 23:02 GMT

      Dear Aman: nice to learn that now you remember excessiveness to Pakistani players now.

      By the way, I havent anything personal against India. Far from it. You would be surprised (may be) to learn that I consider India the best batting side in the world, far much batter than Aussies.

      I also bet that India wont ever get the likes of Sachin, Dravid, and Ganguly again.

      It’s only that I dont like the way Indians are over-reacting in Australia. They have got the firepower to blast Australia away, but they are wasting their energies in whining.


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