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PCB trivial business at NSK bothers fans

Written by Kashif Aziz on March 2nd, 2006   (419 views)

The financially sound Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), in a strange display of business acumen, has awarded a contract for charged parking for the Twenty20 Cup tournament being held here at the National Stadium Karachi (NSK), The News reports.

On one hand while claiming to have the Twenty20 tournament for attracting the crowds towards domestic cricket by keeping the entry free, the PCB’s Karachi office has given the parking space inside the stadium on contract to a private party.

The contractor is charging people on motorcycles five rupees and those in vehicles ten rupees for parking their vehicles inside the stadium.

On Wednesday night one witnessed several scenes of altercations between the people coming to watch the matches and the employees of the contractor who would not allow the vehicles inside unless paid at the main gate.

“For heaven’s sake! Who is taking this money for parking? Has the cricket board or the sponsors become so poor that they need to have charged parking?” questioned an irate spectator who came with his family to watch the matches.

Apparently, the brainchild to award parking to a contractor came from a senior employee of the Board in Karachi and was approved by the Pakistan Cricket Board bigwigs.

The strange thing is that the Board does not even charge for parking during the international matches and how much would an organisation which has assets of over Rs 4000 million rupees hope to earn from such a trivial business venture which is instead earning them a bad name among the people.

As it’s the people who are flocking to see the matches are already upset on reaching the stadium to learn that families have to pay a ten-rupee entrance fee to occupy the big stands.

Clearly, someone in the Pakistan Cricket Board has got his priorities wrong and allowed the Karachi office to indulge in a public relations venture disaster.

To make matters worse vendors selling eatables and water bottles are also being allowed inside the stadium after paying a fee to sell their wares.

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