Nasser Hussain dismayed by The Oval controversy, supports Inzamam


Former England captain Nasser Hussain has backed Inzamam-ul-Haq on his decision to protest against ball tampering accusations saying he would have done the same if he were in Inzi’s shoes.

“If I had been captain and my team had been accused of cheating in this way then, as long as I was sure of our innocence, I would have done exactly the same thing as Pakistan. I wouldn’t have come out after tea, either,” felt Hussain.

Hussain expressed his dismay over the controversy that resulted in the fourth Test here at The Oval forfeited and England awarded a win. “What an extraordinary day. What a sad day for cricket. Amid all the confusion, the farce and the rights and wrongs, the whole sorry saga of events at The Oval will come down to one crucial point,” he remarked.

Hussain could not understand how Hair could penalise Pakistan for ball tampering without any clear proof. “Did Darrell Hair actually see a member of the Pakistan team tampering with a cricket ball? Has he got proof? If he hasn’t, then he has made a massive mistake,” Hussain warned.

The former Test star said The Oval controversy will have huge implications. “If he just believes that someone has changed the nature of that ball, if the ball just looked wrong to him, then Hair has to realise that his actions will have huge implications and ramifications for the game. He just cannot make such a big call unless he is absolutely sure. There does not appear to be any television evidence of wrongdoing. We at Sky have a lot of cameras and, as I speak, we haven’t been able to find anything.”

He added: “If Darrell today says: “I want you to show me pictures of over 53, or whatever, and you will see a Pakistan player tampering with the ball”, then fine, Inzamam and the Pakistan team will deserve all that is coming to them. But if he can’t do that, I have total sympathy with Inzi.”

He supported the Pakistan captain saying: “People have said that Pakistan should have waited until the close of play and then gone down the right channels, but they wouldn’t have seen it that way.”

Hussain fears the forfeiture of The Oval could pose big harm to cricket. “The image of cricket took a battering, worse than other major flashpoints, like the one I was involved in Adelaide in 1999 when Murali was called for chucking by Ross Emerson in a match between England and Sri Lanka. I repeat - I hope Darrell is sure of his facts. I hope he knows what he is doing because if he isn’t then he has opened a can of worms. And cricket will have been badly harmed.”
Source:The News

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