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India won by 51 runs
M Asif 1(7)
India: 269/5 (50.0 Ovs)

A Agarkar
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Man of the series: Inzamam Ul-Haq
Man of the match: Dravid
A credible performance in the field boosted by Venugopal Rao’s catch on the boundary ropes without falling over and Yuvraj’s stunning catch at square leg
269 was a tough ask on a slow pitch, which played better than it did yesterday
Pakistan started well, but Pathan came back and picked up early wickets to put the momentum in India’s favour. It was a good 15 overs until the 35th from the Indian spinners bowling in tandem but the dew made it difficult to grip the ball and they went for a few in their last overs
Until Inzamam was at the crease, there was always a chance to get home, but his run out was unfortunate.
Sreesanth to Iftikhar, out Bowled!! full and straight, Iftikhar tries to drive it back, he misses but Sreesanth does not, stumps knocked down! R Iftikhar b S Sreesanth 11(13) 4s-0 6s-0
45.2 Sreesanth to Iftikhar, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!
45.1 Sreesanth to Iftikhar, 2 runs, flicks it to backward square leg
Sreesanth replaces Pathan
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44.6 Agarkar to Iftikhar, 1 run, drives it to long on
44.5 Agarkar to Asif, 1 run, turns it to square leg
44.4 Agarkar to Asif, no run, plays it to short fine leg
44.3 Agarkar to Iftikhar, 1 run, attempted yorker, ends up as a low full toss, Iftikhar drives it to long off
44.2 Agarkar to Iftikhar, no run, pitched up outside off, Iftikhar tries to drive and misses
44.1 Agarkar to Iftikhar, 2 runs, full toss on the pads, Iftikhar plays it to fine leg
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43.6 Pathan to Asif, no run, Asif dabs it down the track
43.5 Pathan to Asif, no run, fuller outside off, Asif drives it to point
43.4 Pathan to Asif, no run, slower ball, Asif gets the outside off but it falls short of Dhoni
43.3 Pathan to Asif, no run, down the leg, should have been called a wide
43.2 Pathan to Iftikhar, 1 run, low full toss and Iftikhar drives it to backward point, in the air and Yuvraj makes a fine attempt, pops off though