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India in Pakistan, 2005-06
Pakistan vs India, 5th ODI
National Stadium, Karachi, February 19, 2006
India won by 8 wkts
India: 287/2 (46.5 Ovs)
Yuvraj Singh* 107(93)
Mahendra Singh Dhoni 77(56)
Pakistan: 286/8 (50.0 Ovs)
Mohammad Sami* 8.5-0-65-1
Mohammad Asif 9-0-48-0
Run Rate: 6.13
Last Wicket: Rahul Dravid c S Malik b M Sami 50(82) - 2/141 in 30.2 ov.
Previous Overs: 4 1 4 1 1 1   |  1 . 6 1 5 1   |  4 6 . . . 4   |  1 . 6 6 1
Live Commentary
Hope you all would have enjoyed a stunning Indo-Pak series, India host England next and Pakistan are set to tour Srilanka.
Rahul Dravid is a happy man and rightly so, he indeed is a proud leader of a bubbling team that repeatedly pulls itself out of precarious situations. He thanked the PCB and the crowd in Pakistan for supporting the game of cricket!
Inzamam admits that Pakistan has been beaten by a team that fared thoroughly better than them in all departments, he felt that the fielding let them down on more than one occasion right through the series.
Yuvraj is mighty pleased with his own form and by his own admission, this is the most consistent streak he has ever enjoyed in his career. He pays due credit to Dhoni for his tremendous innings both in Lahore and here.
Suresh Raina gets the ‘Catch of the Match’ award for his tumbling catch to dismiss Shoaib Malik. Yuvraj Singh gets a series of awards, ‘Man of the Match, ‘Player of the tournament’ and for hitting the maximum number of boundaries!
The visitors needed over 110 runs when the match entered the last 15 overs, but to finish on with 3 overs to spare is some remarkable achievement, Dhoni deserves all accolades.
India have marched onto their 13th consecutive successful run chase, as in Lahore its Yuvraj and Dhoni who saw the team through, the former battled cramps to hang onto post a mighty century!
46.5 Sami to Dhoni, 1 run, walks across the stumps and works it to fine leg, that is the end of it all!
46.4 Sami to Dhoni, SIX!!, there goes another one, overpitched in line, slams it high over long on, scores level!
46.3 Sami to Dhoni, SIX!!, fuller and just outside off, hammers it hard over deep extra cover, high and handsome!
46.2 Sami to Dhoni, no run, slower one, Dhoni swings and misses, went just over the stumps
46.1 Sami to Yuvraj, 1 run, glances it to fine leg
Mohammad Sami brought into the attack now
45.6 Asif to Dhoni, FOUR!!, this one ended up as a full toss, on his knees and thumps it to deep mid wicket, excellent hit!
45.5 Asif to Dhoni, no run, pitched right up there again, drives it to mid on, he still looks to go through widish mid on!
45.4 Asif to Dhoni, no run, gets this on the blockhole, plays it back to the bowler
45.3 Asif to Dhoni, no run, pitched right up there, forces it to mid on
45.2 Asif to Dhoni, SIX!!, this was fuller outside off, smacks it hard over long off, the fielder at long off could only watch helplessly!
45.1 Asif to Dhoni, FOUR!!, that has been butchered, bit of width offered, cuts it to deep backward point, never get a hand to it, you might end up losing your arm!
Mohammad Asif brought into the attack now
This might just be the right time for Dhoni to open up, 28 needed of 30 balls with 8 wickets on hand!
44.6 Arafat to Dhoni, 1 run, well pitched up delivery, flicks it to deep square leg, yet another ODI FIFTY!! for Dhoni and needless to say it has come at better than run a ball!
44.5 Arafat to Yuvraj, 5 runs, pushes it to point, off to a risky single, Farhat gently throws at the stumps, deflection from Arafat’s arms and goes all the way to the ropes!
44.4 Arafat to Dhoni, 1 run, drives it to long on, just a single this time
44.3 Arafat to Dhoni, SIX!!, little bit fuller, slams it hard over long on, not from the middle of the bat but it went way over the ropes!
44.2 Arafat to Dhoni, no run, nothing shot from Dhoni, outside off and swung, looks to go over the infield on the onside, swing and miss
44.1 Arafat to Yuvraj, 1 run, yorker, flicks it to fine leg
43.6 Razzaq to Yuvraj, 1 run, drives it on the up to sweeper cover, brings up a stupendous CENTURY!! for Yuvraj Singh!
43.5 Razzaq to Dhoni, 1 run, slower one outside off, taps it to square third man
43.4 Razzaq to Yuvraj, 1 run, turns it to square leg, quick single taken, he moves onto 99
43.3 Razzaq to Yuvraj, FOUR!!, fed on the pads with fine leg up, glances it to fine leg effortlessly, 100 partnership up between these two!
43.2 Razzaq to Dhoni, 1 run, that nipped in, drives it to long on
43.1 Razzaq to Dhoni, FOUR!!, short outside off, cuts it hard to square third man, Sami was caught in two minds, just stands his ground and the ball beats him!
42.6 Arafat to Dhoni, 1 run, smashes it hard to long off, remains on strike
42.5 Arafat to Dhoni, 2 runs, yorker, forces it to deep mid wicket, Rana Naved fires a horrible throw, overthrow taken
42.4 Arafat to Yuvraj, 1 run, short and wide, cuts it down to third man
42.3 Arafat to Yuvraj, FOUR!!, strayed to the pads, stands tall and works it to fine leg, fine leg was up in the circle, no stopping that
42.3 Arafat to Yuvraj, wide, short outside off, close call there
42.2 Arafat to Yuvraj, 2 runs, forces it straight down the ground, stopped with the boot by Arafat, the deflected to mid wicket and Dhoni calls for the second
42.1 Arafat to Yuvraj, no run, plays it back to the bowler
42.1 Arafat to Yuvraj, wide, sprayed way outside off
Yasir Arafat brought into the attack now
41.6 Razzaq to Dhoni, 2 runs, marginally short, stands tall and cuts it to deep backward point
41.5 Razzaq to Yuvraj, 1 run, drives it to sweeper cover
41.4 Razzaq to Yuvraj, FOUR!!, little bit short, jabs it hard to deep mid wicket, incredible batting by someone who could hardly move his feet due to cramps!