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Let’s Give Shoaib Akhtar a Chance

Written by F Mirza on September 22nd, 2007   (397 views)

Wasim Akram hit the nail right into the head, when he said that disciplinary problems have remained a tradition in the Pakistani camp, but it was highly improper on the part of team management to send Shoaib Akhtar back to home, when the team needed him most. He also added that now Pakistan has got every chance to win the Twenty20 world cup, as it is facing New Zealand in the semi finals instead of Aussies, which are very formidable, though Pakistan has once beaten them in this tournament, and the Indians have got history to beat Pakistan to beat in the world cup.

At this critical juncture, team would certainly miss Rawalpindi Express, who surely has some grave attitude and psychological problems, but nonetheless he brings aggression to the bowling, where Shahid Afridi does the same in the batting. Both haven’t got that much of a career performance record, but both are used as a deterrent to the enemy, and if they get clicked in any match, they can dent the opponent quite badly.

Its true that Shoaib Akhtar has got some very bad manners, and Shahid Afridi has got some sinister nature, and their aggression don’t go that well parallel in the team, and they don’t have best of the relationships, but that is why an army of team management is sent with the team. It’s the onus of team management to cater for these human-interaction problems. They cannot make them Shoaib and Shahid buddy-buddy, but they can at least fan-down the fire between them with tact.

It was equally not suitable on the part of Patorn in-chief of Pakistan Cricket Board General Pervez Musharraf to slam down on Shoaib Akhtar right after the incident, before listening to his side of the story. He should have rather directed Dr. Nasim Ashraf to cool down the matters in the teams until the termination of Twenty20 world cup. He should have sent the chairman to South Africa after the incident to manage the players’ relationship. That is why all the board is there to resolve such issues. Nasim Ashraf should have played a conciliatory role in the matter, but instead he also adopted an iron-fist attitude.

Now it would be in the best of national interest that Shoaib Akhtar should be forgiven with stern warnings, and should be given a chance in the South African visit to Pakistan next month.

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