Lara tempted by one last tour of England

Brian Lara is considering putting his retirement plans on hold in a bid to make one last tour of England next year, writes Khalid Hussain.

The West Indian maestro, who is widely expected to retire after the 2007 World Cup at home, told reporters after a charity match here at The Oval on Monday night he is tempted by “one last tour of England” and might carry on with his international career even after the World Cup because of that.

“We have a tour of England after the World Cup and that is very tempting for me,” said Lara regarded as the world’s finest batsman.

“I would really love to come back over to England next summer. It is the home of cricket and I love playing here. The battles I have had against England have been tremendous,” said Lara who featured for an International XI in a charity game against Pakistan at The Oval. He made 32 in the match won by Pakistan.

Lara, however, made it clear that he would take his time before deciding over his swansong.

He said that it would be better for him to take one step at a time. “I am 37 years old and there is an hectic schedule coming up. There is the Champions Trophy, a Pakistan tour and the World Cup. So let’s see.”

West Indies are scheduled to tour England next summer for four Tests and three one-day matches.

Source:The News

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