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Written by Commoner on May 2nd, 2007   (277 views)

According to the Burton, ” Play is the name of physical display through which a human competes with other human to obtain spiritual happiness.” But there are games in which a person can play with himself, without any competitor. According to Lord Chester,”Game is the name of some organized and disciplined rules, through which a human extracts pleasure and refreshment.”

It is a common knowledge that most of games are invented by shepherds. In the vast lands and meadows, shepherds used to show off their physical displays of splendour and strength. When they got fedup playing one game, they invented yet another and started to pursue it and so on. One fine morning, a shephered lofted a woollen ball in the air and stroked it hard with a wooden stick, the ball went high in the air and after making a perfect trajectory, came back to the ground and stopped after rolling for few yards. The other shepherds simply loved it. They just started playing it again and again, perhaps the was the very starting point of modern day cricket.

There are so many games, whose basics are to stroke a ball with a stick, but the love and popularity received by cricket is un-matched. Polo and Golf are only for elite. Tennis, Squash and Base ball is limited to some terrortories and communities. Football is usually popular in middle and lower class. But cricket is the unique game which is popular in every class and creed. Its the game of everyone.

Though Cricket is primarily considered an English game and it is beyond doubt that England has got the credit for thoroughly introducing this game to the world, the popularity and achievements are largely won by other nations, especially by the blacks and coloured people. It’s hard to predict and tell that from where the English have got the game of Cricket or whether they had themselves invented it. Besides its origin, Cricket owes it growth to England. In the mid of Seventeenth century, Cricket was being played popularly across the English grounds. In France, Cricket also got a tiny period of fame, but it died down as quickly as it aroused, due to the anmity between England and France. Then Cricket cross the waters from English shores and started to reach to Australia, Asia and Carribbean. Today, ironically; Australia, Asia and Carribbean are miles ahead of England in Cricket.


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