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Inzi : Axis of Evil?

Written by Commoner on September 4th, 2007   (416 views)

Inzamam-ul-Haq was the key reason behind the ignominious defeat of Pakistan in the cricket world cup held in West Indies earlier this year. He was the one who was responsible for the oval fiasco. He was the one, who ran the team with dumb dictatorship, and he was the one, who solidified player power in the team.

Now after his un-graceful exit from the team, he is still hell bent on ruining the Pakistani cricket team with the help of matched stubbornness of PCB chairman Dr. Nasim Ashraf, who hasn’t dealt with anything related to cricket with professionalism. Neo-Indian players Mohammad Yousuf, Imran Farhat and Abdul Razzaq have preferred money, India and loyality with Inzamam over their country, which made them what they are. They may have complaints with the PCB’s behaviour, but why harm the nation?

In recent development, PCB got a null response from the above mentioned players, when PCB contacted them for come back. PCB contacted with Mohammad Yousaf, Abdul Razzaq and Imran Farhat, but they didnt give any response at all. PCB didnt contact Inzamam, who is the “axis of evil”. He is apparatly taking revenge. PCB isnt really much concerned about Inzamam, Razzaq and Imran Farhat, because Inzi and Razzaq have nothing serious left, and Imran hasnt got that class, but the real interet of PCB lies with Yousuf. Yousuf may be not that much of an ideal selection for the agile format of the game like twenty20 or even the ODIs, but he is an un-matched asset for the test matches.

Abdul Razzaq and Mohammad Yousuf, are prefering rebel league over Pakistan, not entirely due to the huge money, but also for their grievances. They both think that they should be the skipper of Pakistan instead of Shoaib Malik. They think that they should be the part of twenty20 squad for the world cup. Neutrally enough, it’s the PCB’S blunder to not to make Yousuf the captain, as he deserved it, and is a natural choice. He has got experience, flair, talent, temprament and leadership qualities. They should have given him a fair chance. Abdul Razzaq is as dumb as a cricket ball, and one could only laugh in desperation over his foolish wish of becoming a captain.

Pakistan has given enough to Inzamam, and Inzi hasnt really paid it back enough. Rather he has harmed the nation at myriad number of occassions. After his retirement from the ODI, he should have tried to compensate his blunders, but instead, in his proven historic stubbornness and dumbness, he is now trying ot harm the country’s interest with the facilitation of ICL, which heavily looks like an Indian ploy to harm the Pakistani team. Inzamam should try to recall that these are the same Indians who first called him “Aaloo”. Money is not everything, and if you need more to fillup your insatiable belly, just ask for donations from the nation, and we will give whatever we have.

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