February 3, 2006

Inzamam will miss matches to stay fit

Inzamam-ul-Haq has said that he will pick and chose his matches from now on to protect his back.

Inzamam, 35, stood down from the Test and also missed much of the previous match at Faisalabad with back trouble.

“It is not a career threatening problem but it does become a nuisance if not taken proper care of,” Inzamam said. “In future, I will try to sit out on matches where possible.

“I plan to sit out Test and one-day matches where nothing much is at stake. Then I can take a rest in order to preserve myself for the more important games. If we have won a series, I can rest in the final games and it gives us a chance to blood young players.”

Doctors have already advised him not to take long flights.

Source: CricInfo

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