Inzamam, Nasim explain their opinions over religion issue

inzamamIt seems that a war of words has begun between two of the most influential men in Pakistan cricket.

In what appeared to be a thinly veiled response to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf’s homely over religious practice, Inzamam-ul-Haq told a web portal on Tuesday that he has never forced anyone in the national team to pray or grow a beard.

The regular Pakistan captain also said people who say that he (Inzamam) has been forcing players to become religious know nothing about Islam.

Inzamam, currently serving a four-match ODI ban over The Oval Test forfeiture, was quoted as saying in the interview that in Islam you cannot force anybody to pray or grow a beard, pointing out that currently there are just two bearded players other than him in the national team.

He was referring to all-rounder Shahid Afridi and Mohammad Yousuf, the prolific batsman who converted to Islam from Christianity last year.

Inzamam’s interview came after Nasim was quoted as saying in a TV interview that there should be a balance between religion and cricket. He also said Inzamam has been told that there should be no pressure on national team players to pray and their selection should not be linked to their religious practice.

The comments ignited yet another controversy and were assailed by several religious leaders.

It is feared that Inzamam’s reaction would add fuel to fire which is the reason why the PCB is now trying to do some damage control.

A PCB spokesman told this correspondent on Tuesday that Nasim was misinterpreted, as he never said anything against religious practice. “The chairman (Nasim) himself is a practising Muslim and even has a beard,” said the spokesman. “He believes that religious spirit is a binding factor in the team.”

According to the spokesman, the PCB chief just wants to make it clear that religion should be a personal matter for individual players and should not be allowed to become a criterion for selection in the national team.

In recent times, there has been a whispering campaign in national cricket circles that Inzamam is forcibly spreading a strict Islamic culture within the national team. It is also said that as Pakistan captain, he is closer to players who pray regularly with him.
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#1. January 30th, 2007, at 1:55 PM.

Mr. President PCB:-

You had already seen the bad performance of Pakistani team against a weak batting side South African team. This is all because of poor coaching, poor captaincy and poor temperament of all players.

Sir I have some suggestions for our team to do better in ODI series and World Cup.

1. Coaching:-

This is the right time to good bye Woolmer, give him coaching in club cricket until his contract ends. Intihab Alam is right choice for coaching. I have already asked in my previous letter about him. Sir, he will improve the standard of batting till World Cup.

2. Bowling Coach:-

Sir Sarfraz Nawaz will be right choice for bowling coach at that time because he will improve the standard of fast bowling and he already improved the bowling action of some players.

3. Assistant Coach:-

Sir Abdul Qadir a great leg spinner, should be the bowling coach because he will improve the standard of spin bowling and he is more experience than Mustaq Ahmed. He is also a good student of game.

4. Team Selection for ODI series:-

Sir, our openers totally failed in test series their technique of batting is not up to the mark. Sir, they should be given rest. Salman Butt who has 4 centuries in ODIs and he also score a big hundard against West Indies in side match should be given chance for at least two matches. If Imran Nazir, Sohaib Malik and Yasir Hameed are totally fit then give rest to Hafiz to improve his batting technique and give them chance according to merit of pitch.

Sir in bowling we need Mohammad Irshad, Samiullah Niazi and Rana Naveed + Asif.

Sir Mohammad Irshad is much better than Sami. Samiullah Niazi is better than Rao Iftihar who is medium pacer. If Sohaib and Gul are not fully fit then these bowlers should be given chance.

I am saying again Sami,s bowling technique is not up to the mark that’s why he is so inconsistent bowler.

Sir I am writing the possible best Squad, Please took your serious attention on it.

1. Salman Butt with backup Imran Nazir
2. Sohaib Malik with backup Yasir Hameed
3. Younis Khan
4. Mohammad Yousaf.
5. Inzmam-ul-Haq
6. Kamran Akmal
7. Abdul Razzaq with backup Shahid Afridi.
8. Abdul Rehman
9. Mohammad Irshad with backup Sohaib(if he is fit)
10. Rana Naveed with backup Umar Gul(if he is fit)
11. Mohammad Asif with backup Shabir Ahmed.

Sir this is the best possible 17 player’s squad. I am taking the name of Irshad because his bowling pace is almost equal to Bratt Lee and he will useful in South Africa. Sir, Misbah-ul-Haq from A team can be send if you want to give rest to any of senior Player like Inzi.

Sir this is the improrant thing, please forward it to Inzi and Yousaf.

Their batting technique is totally judge by South African bowlers and that’s why they bowl them in swinger or in dipper. The best way to survive this ball is that stand 5 or 6 inches away from crease to minimize the swing and then they will easily defend the ball. Yasir Hameed have problem when he play drive in off side. It is better to leave the ball. If you want to play drive then play it near to your body not away from your body with good footwork. This is actually a technique for every batsman.

Sir, only new coach can improve the basic technique of some players. Woolmer is not faithful to his job. That’s why we lost test series.

Sir for world cup we need some more players in squad.

Mohammad Rauf bowler
Samiullah Bowler
Riffatullah Batsman
Shahid Yousaf Batsman
Azhar Mehmood Batsman
Mohammad Fayaz Batsman
Hassan Raza Batsman

Sir I hope you will take my suggestions seriously.
With Regards!
Adeel Qayyum.

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