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Indian Media Welcomes Pakistan

Written by F Mirza on November 2nd, 2007   (594 views)

When the plane carrying Pakistani team took off from Lahore, Indian media started spitting venom.

A funny-looking anchorperson at one Indian channel “revealed” to his audience that in the plane Shoaib Akhtar is sitting separately from the rest of the team, and is living like a pariah in the dressing room. With an intelligent frown, another lady “confessed” gravely to the host of a sports program that she has got a whiff from serious circles that Pakistanis are more interested in Delhi night clubs instead of Cricket Stadiums, and Shahid Afridi has even asked her guidance in that regard.

Newspapers are also spewing poison in every direction in every language against the Pakistani team. One paper said that Younus Khan only came to Indian tour after he was given the slot of vice-captain. One said that Mohammad Asif refused to come to India because of Shoaib Akhtar, and there was a tie between the both, and then PCB preferred Shoaib Akhtar over Asif. One also said that perhaps Asif was afraid of Shoaib’s batting.

It was the same Indian media, which tried their best to spoil the Bob Woolmer case. With the help of Indian doctors and the local Indian citizens of West Indies, they tried to sabotage the proceedings and misguided the world a lot. Even the lady of late Woolmer criticized the role of Indian media in very hurt words. Even now, when the case is reopened, and new things are surfacing, Indian media’s nefarious role is coming out.

Pakistan should do one thing and do it right. They should not read Indian papers and shouldn’t be watching Indian Channels. It would only make them disgusting. If they feel like it, they should use the Internet to read whatever heck they want to read. Though one wonders whether the likes of Younus Khan, Kamran Akmal, and even our skipper really knows what in the hell the Internet is?

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    One Response to “Indian Media Welcomes Pakistan

    • 1
      November 7th, 2007 00:58 GMT

      Well, how come u ppl come to know abt this before we Indians do…..may be u watch more of the Indian channels than we do…..By the way i’ve not heard any of the above things in the channels, except abt Shoaib remaining estranged with rest of the team.

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