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India Trying to Bury the Episode

Written by F Mirza on January 11th, 2008   (235 views)

Indians are notorious for taunting the opponents’ player in and off the field. Their crowds are particularly harsh towards the players who don’t wear Indian uniform. They taunted Inzamam-ul-haq with the epithet of “Aaloo” (Potato) for a long time, and Inzi at numerous occasions complained to the match officials. Once or twice he bolted and tried to catch the criminal in the crowd.

Harbhajan Singh, along with some other Indian players is a chronic epithet caller. He more often than not remains unsuccessful in getting any breakthrough, and he cannot take much pressure, and when things gets tough for him, and he faces his blunderous in-competencies in the mirror, he gets in a superb abusive form.

In the ongoing and uncertain tour of Australia, when the likes of Ricky Ponting, and other talented Kangaroos scared the hell out of his off-spin, Harbhajan just couldn’t control his temper, and his suffering mind, he called “Andrew Symonds” a “Monkey”. Perhaps Harbhajan didn’t know that Monkey was as revered in rest of the world as it is in India, or perhaps he really did mean to offense Symonds.

Now the things are quite interesting, as Sharad Powar, the head of Indian Board initially took sides with Singh, but now as the TV cameras have proved, and also the Indian skipper Kumble has also revealed to media that incident did happen, Powar, is in quandary as what to do, and they are not trying to placate the angry Australians, who doesn’t give a damn to the point of Indians playing their or not.

The thing both teams should understand that spectators of the game the world over want to relish their favorite game, and India should launch a massive awareness campaign and try to educate their players and crowd about the ethics and spirits of the game.

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    One Response to “India Trying to Bury the Episode

    • 1
      January 11th, 2008 21:47 GMT

      wht kind of rubbish this is??? they got no video or sound evidence against bhajji. and dnt make such stories. and why you think that bhajji cant take much pressure. he is one of the indian playes who consistantly performs against australia so called world champions( not any more….) pls wake up mirza dnt live in the dream world….

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