ICC backs decision to award England Test

The International Cricket Council (ICC) said on Monday it backed a decision to award England the fourth and final Test after Pakistan initially refused to play on in the match.

The ICC also said it will consider disciplinary action against Pakistan. “Subsequent to the umpires’ decision to award the Test match to England, a series of meetings took place to try and arrive at a situation that was in the best interests of the match and the game of cricket,” the ICC said in a statement.

“Following these meetings the umpires decided that, having made the decision to award the match to England, to change that decision would not be in keeping with the Laws of Cricket. The ICC backs the decision of the umpires.”

For the first time in Test cricket history, the match at The Oval was declared forfeit and awarded to England on Sunday. Play had reached the tea interval on the fourth day, with one day left. Pakistan had the advantage in the fourth Test but England had already won the series 2-0, which now becomes 3-0.

Pakistan could face further disciplinary action. “The issue of a charge or charges to be laid against Pakistan under the ICC’s Code of Conduct will now be dealt with at the earliest possible opportunity,” the ICC statement said.

Umpires Hair and West Indian Billy Doctrove awarded England five penalty runs after judging the ball had been tampered with. The Pakistan team stayed in the pavilion after the tea interval to protest the penalty while the umpires and England batsmen returned to the pitch. Pakistan later took the field but the umpires had already ended the game.
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