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Harbhajan’s Epithets

Written by F Mirza on January 11th, 2008   (142 views)

Indians have got Billy Bowden, the clownish umpire as the replacement of aging Steve Bucknor. After getting thrashed ignominiously after bungling in the final of would cup in Caribbean last year along with a Pakistani umpire, Bucknor has lost its hard-earned esteem, and he is the laughing stock of the day.

India is ill at ease with everything happening in Australia. They are not really impressed with the tour arrangements by the hosts, and they are also not satisfied with the things happening on the field, especially the standards of umpiring. That goes beyond doubt that umpiring is really not up to the par in this series, but its also a fact that umpiring standards have plummeted in recent years, while International Cricket Council(ICC) is busy like hell in haggling with the teams, and accumulating loads of bucks, and acting tough.

Now there is a standoff between India and the ICC. India says that if ICC upholds the three test match ban on their key bowler Harbhajan Singh, India will back of from the series, while ICC has ruled out any leniency in that regard, and Malcolm Speed has made it clear that, “We can’t have one set of rules for the India team and another set for everyone else. We will follow the process and I hope whatever the outcome all parties will be able to say they have had a fair hearing.”

It is sure thing that Harbhajan is guilty, and its amazing that how arrogant and stubborn and also self-righteous Indians are turning out to be. Their player has made a blunder and used the epithet of “Monkey” against the Aussie player Andrew Symonds, and now they don’t want to even let the victim complain, and they are not ready to face the music.

Symonds has also told media, that this epithet was used by Harbhajan before in an ODI in Mumbai, and he just ignored it, and now this was the second time Sardar used it. ICC should make sure that Harbhajan doesn’t use it the third time. Indians are just raising hell to get away with this. This is a test of ICC’s authority and their will to implement discipline.

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