Gilchrist preparing for the big picture


Vice-captain Adam Gilchrist expects more senior Australian cricketers to miss smaller tournaments as their workloads are managed in lead-up to the 2007 World Cup, to be staged in the Caribbean.

At the end of the Bangladesh series in April Gilchrist was exhausted and there were serious rumblings this would be his final international summer, but he has been refreshed by tour-free winter and had no concrete retirement plans during gap in team camp at Coolum.

“The way I feel now I’m keen to keep playing, get through this summer, get through all the

way to the World Cup, win the final, and then there’s no doubt there will be a reassessment,” he said.

He added that he knew there would be a day when it would feel right to step aside. “But I’m not earmarking a time at the moment as to when I’ll move out.”

To help manage the closing stages of his spectacular career Gilchrist will skip the tri-series in Malaysia next month and prepare for October’s ICC Champions Trophy.

Gilchrist was criticised earlier in year for complaining about his workload, but he wanted supporters to understand team’s long-term outlook. “It’s been well documented about our workload — I can understand people out there saying ‘why does he need a rest after he’s had four or five months off?’ — but it’s about big picture and preparing for what’s coming up.”

The summer is full of blue-chip events with Ashes and the World Cup following the Champions Trophy. He vowed to stay true to his batting instincts despite a relatively lean streak that began during the 2005 Ashes.

“There’s been no major surgery to my batting,” he said. “I’d had a break and cleared my head and got solid thought processes about what England are going to produce or what’s going to happen in one-day cricket. The main thing is you’ve got to be confident in what got you to this level,” the left-handed wicketkeeper-batsman said.
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