Game Should Be Binding Them

December 1, 2008 | General

The terror threat has damaged the cricket no more than in any country of the world than in Pakistan. Games become the first causalities in the terror threats, security concerns and in the wars. Who knows it better than Pakistan? Pakistan have also suffered from teams refusing to tour because of security threats, most recently when the ICC Champions Trophy was postponed in September.

Now India is facing the same situation. England cut short their one-day series in India after nearly 200 people died in the Mumbai attacks. Captain Kevin Pietersen said there was still doubt whether they would return to play two before Christmas. Australians and South Africans have also shown their concerns for coming over to the Indian Champions League.

Cricket brought Pakistan and India closer in the past and there is every possibility that this great game will once again help defuse any tensions between the two countries. India should visit Pakistan for the upcoming series, and India should invite Pakistan for the games. ICC should also play its role.

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