England might struggle at World Cup: Boycott

Former England great Geoff Boycott believes that England’s World Cup prospects are being damaged by their over reliance on performing well in Tests.

Boycott raised the fear on Thursday as England are struggling 4-1 down in the one-day series in India having also lost the one-dayers in Pakistan.

“We put one-dayers second after Tests and don’t see it as a major importance,” he said in his column for the BBC.

“The Test team is looking good but in one-dayers, England are ordinary and not saying that they want to win the World Cup,” he added.

He reckons that England’s whole approach is based on retaining the Ashes in Australia later this year and says that this policy is in danger of harming their chances at the World Cup in the Caribbean next March.

“I don’t think they can say that when the Ashes series is finished in January, that they’ll switch on to the World Cup, it doesn’t work like that,” he said.

“Matthew Hoggard was quoted as saying that it’s more important to win the Ashes this winter than the World Cup.

Australia does not look at it like that. They make winning a good habit in both forms of the game and that’s why they’ve won the last two World Cups and have been world champions at Test cricket for the last decade or more,” he added.

Source: The News

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Written by Kashif Aziz on April 15th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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#1. April 28th, 2006, at 3:02 AM.

Who on earth cares what a cricket fan knows about England? Well, I guess

we all will ultimately, but what I’m essentially trying to say is that relax…it isn’t the

main thing to focus on, or to give a rats arse about for now. At least not while we’re

gonna surely win the WC in 2006 in the months ahead. I mean, c’mon, just as my friends in

Asia (like Stephen Thanabalan from Singapore) agree, the highlight is not going to be

after, but rather at the World Cup in Germany. Even an Asian like Stephen Thanabalan

predicts England is going to win the World Cup after 40 years, citing Germany as the

perfect reversal with the signs there since the 5-1 result in 2001, with pretty much the

same team nuclei. He also predicts that all English clubs will sweep the board this year

from Liverpool in the FA Cup, Middlesbrough winning the UEFA Cup and Arsenal to beat

Barcelona in the Champions League, and ultimately do English club football proud whilst the

National Team wins the biggest prize a month later. He’s won me lots of cash in the past

with his accurate predictions (i.e. Man Utd in 1999, Liverpool in 2005). My only qualm as I

said, is with the press and those negative fans, I mean, Why can’t we English be as

optimistic and focus on the tournaments and glory rather than worrying about a new coach

after we’re already world champions? Crikey, let’s prioritise people.

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