Chappell cannot do much if players are not performing: BCCI official

Terming Greg Chappell a “good coach”, a senior BCCI official says there is not much he (Chappell) can do when players are not performing.

He hinted that Chappell might continue his stint with the team even after the World Cup saying it is just “speculation and assumption” that his contract would not be renewed, which will end in May.

“What can he do if players are not performing? It is the media speculation and assumption among players that Chappell’s contract will not be renewed after the World Cup,” he explained.

He suggested that axe might fall on players who fail to perform in game’s most coveted tournament to be played in the West Indies in March and April this year.

The BCCI official made it clear that performance would be the only parameter to judge whether a player would remain in the team or not, saying that “no one will be spared” for non-performance.

“The way we see it, the World Cup could be a last hurrah for certain players. If their performance in the World Cup is not up to our expectations, then you can expect a number of changes. No one will be spared, no matter how big he is,” he added.

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