Atherton praises Asif for Pakistan comeback


Former England captain Mike Atherton on Sunday gave Mohammad Asif full credit for an effective display from Pakistan in the fourth Test here at The Oval.

“Pakistan have raised their game and the key difference has been the inclusion of Mohammad Asif after a two-month layoff with an elbow injury,” Atherton wrote in his column headlined ‘Oval mourns dead rubber’ in The Telegraph. “He has given Inzamam-ul-Haq both an attacking edge and an element of control,” he added.

Atherton believes England have been affected by the dead rubber syndrome. He blamed them for dropping too many catches saying that at The Oval.

“Four chances went begging on the second day,” he wrote. “Twice Mohammad Yousuf was given a reprieve and there is no bigger crime in cricket at the moment than that, such is the rich seam that Yousuf is mining,” he remarked. Atherton ended his column feeling that Pakistan have given England a wake-up call and adding that the home team will need to do a great deal better when they next meet Pakistan.
Source:The News

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