Akmal wicket makes day of Pietersen


England’s batting star Kevin Pietersen was delighted to take his first Test wicket, and the fact that he got rid of the dangerous Kamran Akmal on a crucial third day of the opening Test match at Lord’s made the feat all the more important for him.

“My first Test wicket was fantastic,” remarked Pietersen. “I am sure that the celebration after taking that wicket showed my excitement,” he added.

Akmal was sitting pretty with Mohammad Yousuf and the partnership was worth 99 runs when the Pakistani wicket-keeper drove carelessly outside the off stump and had to head back to the pavilion. Pietersen said that the wicket helped him make amends for dropping Akmal a little earlier. “I owed the lads after dropping Akmal earlier on,” he told.

Pietersen agreed that Saturday was a hard day for him and his teammates adding that the Pakistani fight back was not unexpected. “We all know that Pakistan are a great batting unit from last winter,” he said referring to England’s 0-2 defeat in Pakistan last December.

Pietersen refused to blame umpire Simon Taufel for giving him out in the first innings even though he was clearly not out. “TV replays showed it was a harsh decision but I have complaints. You must take the rough with the smooth and I know Simon Taufel is one of the best umpires in the world,” he added.

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