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Aanensen issues scathing reply to WIPA letter


The rift between the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) continues to widen, the latest being a reply from Bruce Aanensen, the chief executive of the WICB, to the letter issued by Dinanath Ramanarine, the president and chief executive of the WIPA.

In the letter, Aanensen alleged that Ramnarine wrote the letter that was supposedly sent by the players to him, expressing displeasure over Aanensen’s criticism over their performance during the recent tour to England.

“This kind of action is dangerous, malicious and dishonest,” Aanensen said, adding: “In all of these accusations Mr Ramnarine has deliberately not spoken the truth, quoted me out of context, or substantially misrepresented the facts.

“I consider this attack on my reputation and character to be a malicious, premeditated act on the part of Mr Ramnarine to convey a negative message regarding my style of management and my respect of others.”

Aanensen said Ramnarine deliberately left out some bits of information in his accusation. “Where he says that he has asked for meetings with me, what he does not say is that these requests are to negotiate the terms of the UK tour.

“WIPA have rejected the standard tour contract offered by the WICB as is the norm in tours in the FTP [Future Tour Programme], and asked to have the tour negotiated,” Aanensen said.

That is “in accordance with normal industrial relations practice, that WIPA submit to us their proposal to allow us to see what they are requesting, and create a basis for negotiations.

“To date, Mr Ramnarine has refused to submit a proposal. The WICB cannot properly prepare for negotiations unless we have received a proposal from the WIPA.”

Referring to the issue of the players being labelled incompetent, Aanensen said: “The statement, ‘a bunch of incompetent cricketers’, was made by an ex-West Indies captain from the commentary box after the Leeds Test match in which the West Indies suffered their heaviest loss in our Test history.

“This statement was the subject of a discussion with a radio host who interviewed me about a series of matters and is not my statement,” Aanensen indicated.

Aanensen concluded: “I came into this position hopeful that the rift between the WICB and WIPA could be resolved…I remain hopeful, that somehow, the two organisations can work together in the interest of West Indies cricket, but maturity, honesty and respect must prevail for this to be accomplished and, sadly, Mr Ramnarine has not demonstrated these qualities.”

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