Monty Panesar, the turbanator for England

Written by Kashif Aziz on January 28th, 2006   (1,139 views)

Monty Panesar to visit india with englandMonty Panesar will join England in tour party to India, the ECB announced at a press conference at Lord’s on Friday. Panesar, the 23-year-old uncapped left-arm slow bowler, will be England’s third spinner alongside Shaun Udal and Ashley Giles - if Giles is fit enough: Ian Blackwell will be on standby to replace him.

Panesar got the nod ahead of Blackwell and Alex Loudon, having staked a strong claim with 46 wickets for Northamptonshire at 21.54 apiece in last season’s Championship. He has also represented England Under-19 and attended the ECB Academy in the winter of 2002. He has received criticism for his batting and fielding in the past, but went to Darren Lehmann’s Academy in Adelaide to work on these disciplines this winter, and the move appears to have paid off.

Chairman of Selectors, David Graveney, said: “Monty has done very well for Northamptonshire over a period of time and I am sure he will be really excited at the prospect of touring India.”

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    11 Responses to “Monty Panesar, the turbanator for England

    • 1
      jagjit panesar
      February 28th, 2006 12:21 GMT

      please u should try in the indian cricket team not in england cricket team becuze u r born indian.india is your mother land u should play 4 india.after receiving
      my comment pls sent mail 2 me.
      my id is:[email protected]
      my discription:
      myself jagjit singh panesar
      from nawanshahar in punjab.i m an electronic engg.
      thanks CHACHAJI.

    • 2
      March 3rd, 2006 17:41 GMT

      To the comment made by Jagjit S Panesar on Monty…. mate. get with it!!!!! Monty S Panesar is born in the UK. You really need to move on with the times geezer. Sikhs are all over the world, making significant contributions towards foreign economies… why should they not be representative of the countries that they live in. It gives sikhs in those countries positive exposure. Jagjit, GROW UP!

    • 3
      March 4th, 2006 02:32 GMT

      Should Nasser Hussain have played for India as well, and by extension Ranji for Tamil Nadu…why are all those Guyanese Indians playing for the West-Indies and not for India and U.P..its only a 2 day flight from Guyana to Lucknow…oh what about those “Patel guys” bowling off breaks for the kiwis?

      Obviously Jagjit you have some vaccancies in the top floor.

    • 4
      Pardeep Singh
      March 10th, 2006 05:44 GMT

      the term ‘turbanator’ is deeply offensive to Sikhs. Using a religious garment in context to a film where murder is the main theme is insulting. please remove it from your page. Regards.

    • 5
      Kashif Aziz
      March 10th, 2006 17:09 GMT

      Pardeep, the term was not coined by me nor it has been used in offense.

    • 6
      Ischa Kaur
      March 20th, 2006 06:05 GMT

      Dear Jagjit Singh

      You want Monty Panaesar to play for India, but India is not the motherland of all Sikhs, they originate from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran and the Sikh Empirewas independent from India unyil 1849. Additionally, don’t forget 1984 see NGO human rights website Sikhs are sovereign and belong to whichever country they choose to belong to, no one owns a Sikh or anybody else so please stop being such a sychophant.

    • 7
      nanaksar girls, coventry
      April 13th, 2006 02:56 GMT

      everyone grow up… we r all the same, living on the same planet which makes us no different from the other!!!! Maharaj’s kirpa for getin monty this far. Keep up the hard work Monty, we all with u all the way!

    • 8
      Manjeet Singh
      May 7th, 2006 16:01 GMT

      Monty is a great talent. Lets hope he shines into the best spinner england have produced.

    • 9
      jasvinder singh
      August 10th, 2006 20:18 GMT

      monty keep on canning the pakis you doing good mate. How can u play 4 india when u need a visa to go to india and when it runs out theyll kick u out. When in trouble does the indian high commision come and sort us out , no its britain who comes and sorts us out. sikhs are loyal people trustworthy and honest hardworking people who have contributed well to the uk. And montys well canning it yes monty spin that chitar.

    • 10
      December 15th, 2006 12:36 GMT

      Monty is 100%sure english men .. no doubt abt it .. monty is world class talent .. sorry to giles . its time , giles has to step down ..

      come on england

      england rulezz

    • 11
      Kamdev Singh
      October 3rd, 2007 20:48 GMT

      Hey Nanaksar Girl…….Monty is the best sikh bowler in the world, and thats with any pakandi baba maharaj’s kirpa, if anything it’s his good karam that he was blessed by a True Saint not the fake dirty old man.

      Chak deh Monty…….

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