2007 World Cup will be safe, says Dehring

Chris Dehring, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Inc. Managing Director and CEO, is confident next year’s tournament will not suffer negatively from recent international concerns over the terror plots recently uncovered in England.

However, Dehring assured the issue is receiving due attention and will be dealt with depending on how it develops. “It’s early days yet but we discussed it at the board meeting and certainly will be looking at it from a managerial perspective as we see how it unfolds,” he said.

Stating it’s always unfortunate when these things occur, he said what tends to happen is that value of hosting mega events is heightened as people see how world tourism markets can be negatively impacted by such occurrences.

He added that he expects tourism demand for the ICC CWC 2007 to continue to be great as cricket fans are highly motivated to experience the event in the Caribbean in spite of the chances of terrorism.

“We hope there will be no dramatic fallout (from terrorism) across any tourism market but we certainly don’t expect it to impact demand for the Caribbean for Cricket World Cup.’’

Saying CARICOM and regional governments, particularly those of nine host venues, are working closely on security initiatives for the World Cup, he said the event’s master security plan and national security plans have dovetailed to form overall regional security plan.

“So we have developed a comprehensive security architecture which will deliver a very safe environment for the World Cup,” Dehring declared.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Malcolm Speed says he was satisfied the tournament’s Official Global Partners and Official Sponsors will enjoy safety of legal protection from persons or companies which seek to infringe on their rights during the ICC CWC 2007.

“There are very stringent processes that are being put in place to deal with ambush marketing for the 2007 World Cup. We’ve learnt a lot from other events we have run and as much of that as possible has been passed on. It’s a pretty basic principle — sponsors, licensees and broadcasters are entitled to protection and that’s what we seek to do.”

“What it means is that from time to time we will be writing very stern letters to people who are taking advantage of the World Cup and who aren’t entitled to do that and in some cases we have to go to court and that may happen here. All of those arrangements are in place and we’re very comfortable with way that’s been addressed here,” Speed expressed.

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